Roma, 1994



The use of sport-related metaphors and analogies has become a common habit in certain kind of highly stressful working environments, where the athletes physical struggles get shifed to a mental level in order to constantly motivate and incentivize competition. Time is money, and the game could change any second.
Artistic production seems to be placed at the opposite side of the spectrum, since its creative fuel requires a more personal and subjective time to reach its boiling point.
How does sport come into play?
"Once Doubt Enters Te Equation" presents a dreamlike football match with the players wandering around the feld, their frenetic chase turning into loose dance moves. Te ball is gone, and the scene is foating in a time of no expectation. Te match becomes creation, pure activity without purpose.


Exhibition view @ KABK Gallery, The Hague, 'MAR BAR'
Curated by Antonis Pittas
Photo: Wai Lun Hsu