Roma, 1994


Ongoing project

I ofen fnd myself divided between trying to fnd a theoretical background in many works of contemporary art, and the idea that the 'creative act', the simple action of producing a 'work of art'" (whatever it means) is sufficient to justify the presence of the piece itself.
Artistic production can speculate on a variety of topics and give a physical and sensible form to ideas, feelings etc, but it's also true that for developing a solid and fruitful practice is necessary to 'do stuf', and this 'stuf' can also lack of deep meanings and strong ideology. Shapes, colors and materials held together with some technique may produce artifacts that let the artist, and sometimes the viewer, gain awareness on how the world we experience can be transferred into symbols and signs on a canvas, a screen or anything else.
'The sweet escape' is a project in which an elementary composition of lines and shapes goes through some variations (for instance in color), winking at the same time to abstract, pop and conceptual art. And providing the driver for discussing the measure in which an exposed artwork should be diferent from what comes from the artist's studio practice.


The sweet escape (red and white)


The sweet escape (green and blue)


The sweet escape (black and yellow)


The sweet escape (purple drank)